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from Handel's Sacred Drama or Oratorio Jephta

"In honour of Stuart Burrows' () here is his moving rendition of "Deeper, and deeper still....Waft her, angels.." from Handel's Jephtha (available on the Decca label)." rec ~1960ies

(the piano part is not mentioned)




Scene 4


47. Accompagnato Jephtha
Deeper, and deeper still, thy goodness, child,
Pierceth a father's bleeding heart, and checks
The cruel sentence on my falt'ring tongue.
Oh, let me whisper it to the raging winds,
Or howling deserts; for the ears of men
It is too shocking. Yet have I not vow'd?
And can I think the great Jehovah sleeps,
Like Chemosh and such fabled deities?
Ah no; Heav'n heard my thoughts, and wrote them down;
It must be so. 'Tis this that racks my brain,
And pours into my breast a thousand pangs
That lash me into madness. Horrid thought!
My only daughter, so dear a child,
Doom'd by a father! Yes, the vow is past,
And Gilead hath triumph'd o'er his foes.
Therefore, tomorrow's dawn... I can no more.




Scene 1

Jephtha, Iphis, Priests and Chorus.


50. Air Jephtha
Waft her, angels, through the skies,
Far above yon azure plain,
Glorious there, like you, to rise,
There, like you, for ever reign.
Waft her. . . da capo



complete libretto from Handel's Sacred Drama or Oratorio Jephta

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