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8:10 Reuters: BOA confirms leaked docs are legit but questions import. “Confident” no big deal.

8:05 The great Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism on the Anonymous-released BOA leak (and see below): “Ooh, this is ugly. The charge made in this Anonymous release (via BankofAmericaSuck) is that Bank of America, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Balboa Insurance and the help of cooperating servicers, engaged in a mortgage borrower abuse called ‘force placed insurance’. This is absolutely 100% not kosher…. And if these allegations are indeed accurate, they make a mockery of the settlement charade underway among 50 state attorneys general, Federal regulators, and what amount to banking industry crooks, aka servicers.

“The writing style of the author (some typos, not that yours truly is one to make much of that sort of thing) and the errors regarding the roles of key parties will lead to questions regarding validity. But as indicated, previous abuses in this area, the past behavior of underwater servicers, and the complaints I have been hearing make this all too credible.”

7:55 Assange poses question to Australia PM via video: Did she swap info with foreign powers?

7:50 Here’s WL Central’s summary of the first part of the “Black Monday” Anonymous BOA leak.

12:10 The Anonymous-linked @OperationLeakS as promised just launched its BOA leak. Here’s what they have so far (or better, try here) , with personal email, screen shots, statements and claims of fraud by ex-employee (scroll down the page).

12:00 Forbes covers promised Anonymous leak on BOA today.


The WikiLeaks News & Views Blog for Monday—Day 107 | The Nation - Greg Mitchell - 2011-03-14

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