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9:40  First NYT (see below), now L.A. Times with editorial hitting military's treatment of Manning, and backing Crowley. " It's hard to resist the conclusion that punishment, not protection, is the purpose of these degrading measures....Manning's treatment should reflect the fact that he remains innocent until proven guilty."

9:05  NYT finally with editorial on Manning that just went online.  "It would be useful to revisit the presumption of innocence and the Constitutional protection against cruel and unusual punishment....  President Obama, who has forcefully denounced prisoner abuse, is condoning this treatment. Last week, at a news conference, he said the Pentagon had assured him that the terms of the private’s confinement 'are appropriate and are meeting our basic standards.'  He said he could not go into details, but details are precisely what is needed to explain and correct an abuse that should never have begun"

8:50  Big news from India--news outlet there gets thousands of cables on that country and starting to publish. "Politicians of all shades, diplomats and other officials, sleuths, businessmen, journalists, busybodies, bigwigs and smallwigs figure in the WikiLeaks India Cache."   Here's just one story on "raw" assessment by U.S. of "gutless" India playing down its relationship with Israel to appease Muslim population.

8:40    Just launched: Final 24-hour sale of electronic editions of my "Age of WikiLeaks" book for 99 cents!

6:30  The Guardian publishes what seems to be first cable on Japan's nuclear industry and raising concerns. "He also accused METI of covering up nuclear accidents, and obscuring the true costs and problems associated with the nuclear industry."


The WikiLeaks News & Views Blog for Monday—Day 107 | The Nation - Greg Mitchell - 2011-03-14

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