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NYT:  Military says it is now ongoing policy to make Bradley Manning be stripped naked every night and also to stand naked at attention in the morning, citing this as a precautionary measure and to last "indefinitely."   Will not explain why, saying this would violate Manning's privacy.

On Bill Maher's HBO show, Tracey Ullman defended  Julian Assange against charges of anti-Semitism raised by the Private Eye story .  Didn't know her daughter ran for Parliament last year and lost by 19 vote after two recounts?

Foreign Policy's review of the Week in WikiLeaks.

Rep. Kucinich asks re: Manning -- "Is this Quantico or Abu Ghraib?" 

My piece, a useful backgrounder:  "Bradley Manning and the Tomb of the Well-Known Soldier."

 I had this yesterday, but getting more attention today:  Former UK spy boss credits WikiLeaks with helping to spark revolts in Egypt and elsewhere, in off-the-record speech captured clandestinely. 

Editorial in The Guardian:: "Bradley Manning and the stench of US hypocrisy" 

Glenn Greenwald rips Pentagon spokesman Morrell for misleading comments on Manning, also knocks NBC reporters Todd and Guthrie for not challenging him at all yesterday.  Potemkin Village, revisited. And that's even before latest update (see below).


The WikiLeaks News & Views Blog -- Special Weekend Edition! | The Nation - Greg Mitchell - 2011-03-04
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