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September 23 2014

September 07 2013

*‘They make you feel like you're a criminal' : Iraqi's account of UK asylum system* ❝Ghada, a…

‘They make you feel like you’re a criminal’: Iraqi’s account of UK asylum system

Ghada, a refugee from Iraq, fled her home country in 2007. She had been persecuted for working with foreigners and promoting women’s rights. Here’s an account of her experience of the UK asylum system.

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August 30 2013

August 21 2013

Black people twice as likely to be charged with drugs possession – report | World news | The…

Black people twice as likely to be charged with drugs possession – report | World news | The Guardian

Black people are not just significantly more likely to be searched by police for drugs than their white peers, but face almost double the chance of being charged if any are found, according to a study of racial disparities in the way drug laws are enforced.

The study showed, for instance, disparities for cocaine possession in London, with 78% of black people charged, compared with 44% of white people. Black people were also almost twice as likely to be charged for possession of cannabis in the capital.

The report, which analysed Home Office data in conjunction with freedom of information responses from police forces in England and Wales, also uncovered what the authors call a “postcode lottery” in the apparent racial basis for drug policing. While black people were just over six times more likely to be searched for drugs nationally, this was significantly higher in some places. In one police area, Dorset, the differential was 17 times.

#police #racisme #xénophobie #UK

August 16 2013

July 25 2013

« Le Royal baby et les 1,6 million d'enfants britanniques sous-alimentés » [L'Huma]

« Le Royal baby et les 1,6 million d’enfants britanniques sous-alimentés » [L’Huma]

Le Prince qui va vivre sur le dos des Britanniques est né une cuillère en argent dans la bouche. Ce n’est pas le cas des nombreux enfants vivant dans la pauvreté en Grande-Bretagne. Selon l’association Save the Children, un enfant sur trois grandit dans une famille gagnant moins de 60% du salaire britannique moyen. L’association précise qu’un million six cent mille enfants sont sous alimentés et vivent dans des appartements insalubres et surpeuplés. Il y a fort à parier que le Royal Baby ne vivra pas dans le quartier londonien de Bethnal Green and Bow, où 42% des enfants vivent sous le seuil de pauvreté. Il devrait plus fréquenter les quartiers huppés de Richmond (7%) ou de Kingston (11%).

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July 09 2013