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August 25 2011


An alle, die sich angesprochen fühlen bzw. persönlich davon betroffen sind | oAnth 2011-08-25


Ich finde es gut, dass @krekk das hier hereinnimmt - und noch besser ist es zu wissen, dass hierfür eigentlich die @petitionssuppe - - zur Verfügung stehen sollte; seit mittlerweile einer Woche werden keine der reinen RSS-Feeds-Accounts, zumindest diejenigen, die ich abonniert habe, mehr aktualisiert; für @fefe @netzpolitik @glaserei und für etliche andere gilt das schon seit gut einem Monat. Mein diesbezügliches Posting - einschließlich anderer fortdauernder Funktionsdefizite auf - an @kitchen blieb bis dato leider unbeantwortet. Alle von mir auf oAnth abonnierten RSS-Feeds (Auto-Import) lassen sich nur mehr manuell aktivieren.

Urlaubszeit hin, CCC-Camp her - mir ist nicht ganz klar, wieviele Soup-Accounts mittlerweile wirklich fortgesetzt aktiv betreut werden, aber ich denke doch, es dürften  etliche tausend zusammenkommen, ....

Mit besten Grüßen aus München

oAnth - 2011-08-25
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August 23 2011


Dear soup support, aka @kitchen .... | oAnth 2011-09-22 - latest entry: 2015-07-01

2015-07-01 - 00.05 a.m. CEST (UTC + 2:00 )

To your kind attention, special for those who are visiting oAnth's site regulary: since 28th of june, the import from extern RSS-feeds to accounts has once again completely ceased (as usual uncommented by the Unfortunately oAnth's acitivities on are to a high degree depending on this feature (see here older entries). oAnth is further participating on seenthis (mostly in fr & en, very few in de) Please, go to link above! RSS export feeds from are still available.


2015-06-17 - 02.15 a.m. CEST
(UTC + 2:00 )

To your kind attention: since Friday 12th of June, the import from extern RSS-feeds to accounts has once again (see here earlier entries) completely ceased (uncommented). RSS-Feeds in the opposite direction are nevertheless still available.



2015-02-18 - 11.15 a.m. CET (UTC + 1:00 )

To your kind attention: since Sunday 15th of february, the import from extern RSS-feeds to accounts has once again (see here earlier entries) completely ceased (uncommented). RSS-Feeds in the opposite direction are nevertheless still available.



2015-02-09 - 06.30 p.m. CET
(UTC + 1:00 )

 To your kind attention: today , abpit 5:15 p.m happened about 70 reloops in my timeline caused by a repost - unfortunately not for the first time (see  earlier entries) - about 10-15 min. to delete all of them manually - I apologize

2014-10-23 - 01.30 a.m. CEST (UTC + 2:00 )

 To your kind attention: since Sunday afternoon, 20th of october, the import from extern RSS-feeds to accounts has once again completely ceased (uncommented). RSS-Feeds in opposite direction are still available.


2014-08-29 - 01.30 p.m. CEST (UTC + 2:00 )

Since the nigth from 27th to 28th of August the RSS import works only occasionally with unreliable results.


2014-04-04 - 03.15 p.m. CEST (UTC + 1:00 )

From this post, (which I didn't repost actively from my friends' timeline), was caused a posting loop of 165 reposts to my account. This happened to me already some time ago (see the entry - in DE - from 2013-01-05) on


2013-09-05 CET 4:10 a.m. (UTC + 2:00 )

I would like to believe ... that soup's @kitchen is really aware of the onging problems with the RSS import feature - by avoiding meanwhile the expression "auto" in combination with "import", like I did occasionally in earlier times in's rich and long history of dysfunctionalities.

2013-01-05 CET 1:40 a.m. (UTC + 1:00 )

Aus mir unerfindlichen Gründen kam es heute zum erneuten Male zu einem zig-fach sich wiederholenden Reposting-Vorgang. Ich habe die ca. 150 Einträge von ein und demselben Eintrag aus einem anderen Soup-Account mittlerweile mit hohem Zeitaufwand auf oAnth gelöscht, möchte aber - was ich bei anderen identischen Gelegenheiten bereits tat - nochmals betonen, dass der betreffende Eintrag von mir zum Repost nicht angeklickt wurde, jedoch auf den betreffenden Account in unmittelbarer Nachbarschaft zu einem anderen von mir reposteten Eintrag lag. Ein identischer Vorgang ereignete sich erst kürzlich und ist hier   bzw. hier noch ersichtlich - die ausgelöste Repost-Kette wurde von mir bis dato zu Demonstrationszwecken noch nicht gelöscht. Meine bereits anlässlich der früheren Vorfälle mehrfach geäußerte Bitte an @kitchen, mir in der Angelegenheit behilflich zu sein, und der Sache auf den Grund zu gehen, blieb leider unbeantwortet.

Für mich, und ich denke auch für meine Kontakte, sind dergleichen Vorfälle eine ausgesprochene Zumutung und ein großes Ärgernis. Kann sich irgendjemand unter meinen Kontakten vorstellen, wodurch diese offensichtliche Schleife des repost-scriptes ausgelöst wird? Handelt es sich hierbei defacto um einen Bug? Hat jemand von den dergleichen schon erlebt? Für unterstützende Vorschläge zur Klärung bzw. Behebung dieses Defektes vielen Dank im voraus! - oAnth, Muc, 2013-01-05


2013-01-06 CET 5:00 p.m. (UTC + 1:00 )

answers via:


2013-01-03 CET 2:30 a.m. (UTC + 1:00 )

@kitchen, please, how is this to explain?

See also my earlier entries.


2012-10-29 CET 4:00 a.m. (UTC + 1:00 )

Again the same effect (now for the 4th time in 2 weeks): about 200 or more repetitions of the same post in my personal time line at oAnth - from a specific entry which I even haven't reposted by myself at all. What an annoying incident - @kitchen, please give me an explication for this kind of looping effect. It takes easily 1 hour to delete the whole amount posting by posting. - oAnth.


2012-10-20 CEST 3:50 a.m. (UTC + 2:00 )

I just had to delete about 200 same postings which were IMO caused by a looping script - this happened to me at for the 3rd time this week - the first 2 times I didn't receive any reactions about this by @kitchen to whom I addressed each time my problem.

How are these very annoying posting auto repetition effects to explain? - oAnth


2012-09-12 CEST 7:00 p.m. (UTC + 2:00 )

Unfortunately is in a catastrophic state: nether automatic RSS imports (also manually) nor  for the user acceptable loading times are any more supplied. I don't want to complain about many other unsolved feature problems, but in general, the situation went worth and worth and is meanwhile unacceptable. - oAnth



2012-09-08 CEST 6:20 p.m. (UTC + 2:00 )

Dear @kitchen,

the RSS import is back but would work (in my accounts) in their automatic functionality very belated (several hours up to one day) or even only by manual activation - this is an observation, which is related to my experience since more than a month, when the automatic RSS import restarted.

Since recently there is a strange phenomenon to observe concerning the avatars in the menu line, which in some of my accounts is not minimized ( so e.g. at  )

What I could read in other getsat entries, and would like to affirm personally by my own experience since several month - the customized CSS skin sheets aren't any more available; I made meanwhile copies in a separate  file, but I  guess, it's rather evidently not the way, how it should work.

Thanks - oAnth


[2012-09-08  3:10 a.m. CEST(UTC + 02:00)]

@kitchen, we are again there, where we have been recently about month ago - is suffering by the defective auto import feature for RSS feeds - and, I have to add, as usual, no feedback is provided about the status by the soup staff. There is nothing new to say on the lamentable situation, for more see my earlier entries.


[2012-07-08  5:40 p.m. CEST(UTC + 02:00)]

"... Dear Mattis Manzel and users,

there seems to be quite evidently no social network service [but] which tried to insist on the original early social network [2007] idea of open structured incoming and outgoing RSS-feeds combined with highly communicative dynamics in all levels of content by mutually changeable entries between its community members - what makes it so hard to find an adequate platform to replace it.

Nevertheless a honest report of state shows immediately, what remained has nothing to do any more with the initial concept, simply by its ongoing dysfunctional features. ..."


[2012-06-24 03.20 p.m. CEST (UTC + 02:00)]

"...We are currently exploring ways of handing over control of to the community of its users over the next few months, so that development can be restarted. More on that as soon as we know more... " (Christopher Clay)


[2012-06-21 01.20 a.m. CEST (UTC + 02:00)]

"... The situation is IMHO quite symbolic for the general path which social networks have mostly taken and proved therein to lose their initial momentum - it's overwhelmingly disgusting.  ..."


[2012-03-27 08.15 p.m. CEST (UTC + 02:00)]


[2012-03-23 1.30 p.m. CET (UTC + 01:00)]

In regard of the ongoing problems on
( addressed to @kitchen and everyone else to whom it may concern)

The actually broken automatic RSS import is probably for users like @Sigalon, @chegoo and me the most disturbing problem, but there is a lot of more (since long ago) to complain about:
- search function is broken
- posting via mail, since long ago doesn't work,
- the spam issue (to observe in everyone's timeline) seems to be completely out of control, 

and it's again and again the lack of any reasonable feedback which is really disturbing for the user community.

Please give your users a time perspective, what you are trying to do for the moment and for a longer outlook. Many amongst them are waiting for your promised new Soup version, which might bring perhaps a solution for the ongoing accumulation of dysfunctional features.

But even then we, the users, may ask ourselves, whether the individual soup histories (for me dating back to 2008) will be integrated and apply to the search and tag functionalities, as they are supposed to work in the current version.

It's in general a huge wall of non-transparency and of hidden economic interests which wrests more and more from the Web2.0 any credibility and seems to join unfortunately the path may be by neglect, may be by other reasons, which users can't be aware of, for they are by default not provided with the necessary details.

Still in hope to hear more from you ( @kitchen )

With best regards



[2011-11-30 - 9.00 p.m, CET (UTC + 01:00)]

Also the problem with RSS import is on its way to reach normal status back.

[2011-11-30 - 1.35 p.m, CET (UTC + 01:00)]

the problem with video embedding seems to be fixed meanwhile.

[2011-11-30 - 11.45 a.m, CET (UTC + 01:00)]

@kitchen, and to whom else it may concern:

Again (and again) neither  the automatic RSS-upload functionalities nor the manual ones are working on my accounts since about 2 days in any aspect.

Further is any kind of video embedding via content menu or via bookmarklet completely refused.

[W_xp SP3]


[2011-11-11 - 03.00 p.m, CET (UTC + 01:00)]

@kitchen, and anyone else, how it concerns:

Again, the automatic RSS-upload functionalities are working for all my contacts inclusively myself, since about 2 days completely dysfunctional. My RSS uploads are only manually available.


[2011-09-22] works since several days constantly quite well, including RSS-Feed auto import and picture loading, which caused during the weeks before a lot of troubles for the user community. - 06.00 am CEST



Nether manually, nor automatically works the RSS-Feed upload feature - 08.40 pm CEST



constantly one 504 Gateway Time-out after the other - Soup in general slow and a lot of difficulties to repost via repost button.



I didn't encounter any 504 Gateway Time-out for several hours - 10.40 pm CEST


constantly one 504 Gateway Time-out after the other - Soup in general slow and a lot of difficulties to repost via repost button.



The image loading and the feed auto import are back to normal - other problems, as mentioned below and in the listed "recent problems" at are still to solve - hopefully in the new soup-version, already announced in January 2011.



kitchen kitchen
Feed imports have been restarted. Although it might take some time until the workers get through the backlog.


All servers are back to normal, and the asset thumb generation (i.e., the missing images) is working again.
@kitchen, please - the missing images are back, fine, but still missing the "RSS auto import" as well, when will it be back?
Twitter / @soup_io: All servers are back to no ...


Server problems - RSS auto support still broken; else, see earlier entries.



there has been two days when the RSS auto support was working correctly - since 20110830 the RSS auto support is again broken; else, as already described earlier - oAnth



Dear soup-support aka @kitchen,

unfortunately some specific complaints are IMO meanwhile unavoidable.

From those accounts depending totally on RSS-support more and more are completely disfunctional some since more than a month - the RSS support for my Soup-accounts is since approximately one week only updated in case I do it manually. It's hardly to understand that noone else than @Sigalon and oAnth is complaining about this, as it happens since more than one year again and again.

[actually without RSS-Feed support: @glaserei, @fefe, @netzpolitik, @nerdcore most of the @Sigalon accounts, - etc. etc- ] and btw. the soup status provides no data.

An important unsolved problem is further since a long time the incorrect working search function - (with search results in my case starting with September 2010 and later, far away from any actual entries.) Other are complaining about the broken mail-posting feature, etc. etc. ....

... and still as the great question in the background remains: when will come finally the new as announced early in 2011?

Greetings from Munich - oAnth


see also on
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July 03 2011


June 01 2011


RSS-Feed support on interrupted

@kitchen, please, have a look to the RSS-feed support, it seems to be completely interrupted. Thanks [ CEST 1.30 pm]

April 13 2011


Deutscher IRC Chat

Port: 6667

Webchat: Mibbit

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April 12 2011

In Ordnung, @cypher, ich rühr mich für den Fall, dass weitergehende itechnische Details erforderlich sein sollten. - Gruß
@cypher, aka @kitchen, vielen Dank für das Feetback - wie wollt Ihr weiter verfahren - wer soll mit Felix vL den Sachverhalt abklären? Wollt Ihr das selbst in die Hand nehmen? Ansonsten schreibe ich ein paar Zeilen.

Grüße aus München - oA:nth
@krekk, danke!

Bei mir hat es übrigens auch ein paar Tage gedauert, bis ich hellhörig wurde.

Die Rückmeldung von @cypher aka @kitchen hast Du sicherlich bereits mitgebekommen.



FEFE's Soup wird seit 1.April auf nicht mehr via RSS-Feed aktualisiert

@krekk, bereits seit 1.April lässt sich keine Aktualisierung des RSS-Feeds von @fefe mehr erkennen, Fefe's Blog hingegen weist wie gehabt täglich Einträge auf. Ist Dir irgend etwas zu Ohren gekommen? Ich habe mich in der fraglichen Angelegenheit bereits 2 Mal an @kitchen gewandt, allerdings bisher ohne Rückmeldung.

Falls Du oder jemand anderes, der das hier liest, mehr wissen sollte, bitte ich um kurze Rückmeldung. Falls nicht, werde ich es in den kommenden Tagen direkt mit einer Mail an Felix vL. versuchen.

Vielen Dank!


April 11 2011


Anfrage an @kitchen (2. Versuch) - FEFE's Soup wird seit einiger Zeit nicht mehr via RSS-Feed aktualisiert

April 10 2011


Anfrage an @kitchen - FEFE's Soup wird seit einiger Zeit nicht mehr via RSS-Feed aktualisiert

@kitchen, ist dies von irgendeiner Seite beabsichtigt, dass der RSS-Feed-Import auf @fefe 's Soup nicht mehr aktiv ist? Liegt das

- a) an Fefe höchstpersönlich bzw
- b) an dem schon seit geraumer Zeit auch auf meiner Soup sehr unregelmäßig funktionierenden Autoimport.


Bitte seht mal nach dem rechten und gebt mitunter Bescheid: Vielen Dank! - oanth

January 24 2011


Coming soon: Server upgrade, new version of Soup

We know that Soup has been slow as molasses for the last few weeks – the load time has quite literally been off the charts. One of the reasons was a lack of available bandwidth. We've now added a second uplink, and the bottleneck has shifted to a lack of processing power – both database CPU and application servers – causing some short downtimes over the last few days.
The good news: We've already ordered the parts and will be implementing a comprehensive hardware upgrade at the beginning of next week.

In even bigger news, as we've hinted at in the past, we're preparing a relaunch of Soup.
In the first version, it will focus on improving the way your Soup account looks and on giving you more control over your content, to sort and filter it and display different types of content in different ways. Changes to the reading experience (friends/everyone) will follow later. Developers will have new opportunities to work with Soup data and change the way Soup works.
Within this week, we will start sending out invites to a separate alpha installation of the new Soup to a first small batch of users. As we react to their feedback, improving the user experience and fixing bugs, we'll gradually invite more people, ultimately upgrading all current Soup users to the new system within the next months.
We can't wait to see what you think and how you're going to put the new featureset to use!
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May 02 2010

0159 700e 500
Fotograf made during a bike tour 24th of April in south of Munich along the Isar high banks - today the river, which the day was still to recognize between the branches, wouldn't be to see any more. - oanth


Dear all (soup-users & @kitchen),

things are already going to recover and coming back to normal circumstances - at least I can post, repost, etc. in all directions again, and the RSS auto upload seems also to have restarted; I can't say to what extend for the moment, but the integration is on its way to come back to normal functionality - I helped myself still by manual activation, just to have faster results for the integration in my soup.

Concerning the notifications, I don't know how well they are doing up to the right moment, it's not yet observed enough. The login works for my soup without problems.

What remained obviously still unfixed is the mail service, what I feel as a sincere restriction for a certain kind of postings, which I am used to coordinate directly with my mail-client.

Thanks to the @kitchen for your precious time in maintaining the system to bring it back.

Best wishes for an agreable May sunday (evening)
with greetings from muc

by oanth ( CEST 16.30 20100502)
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