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September 12 2013

September 03 2013

Techno ❝I spent last week in ephemeral Black Rock City, where on Saturday night I and 60,000 others…


I spent last week in ephemeral Black Rock City, where on Saturday night I and 60,000 others stood within a ring of hundreds of vehicles transformed into spectacular art, and watched a gargantuan wooden effigy erupt, burn, and collapse, beneath one of the most ridiculously dazzling fireworks displays in ever. It was quite a moment. And I looked at the crowd around me and I thought to myself: what is wrong with these people?

The problem was that half the people around me couldn’t really appreciate the moment because they were too busy trying to capture it, in some crude or clumsy way. A forest of thousands of phones and point-and-shoot cameras protruded from the crowd, held by people with unrealistically optimistic expectations of their sensors’ low-light capabilities. Meanwhile, a camera on a boom swung back and forth from the burn to the crowd, who cheered as if on command when it faced them; and high above, a brightly glowing drone armed with a GoPro buzzed amid the smoke.

These days nearly everything we do is mediated by and filtered through technology–and this is not necessarily a good thing

#photo #téléphone

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