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August 07 2009

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With this fait accompli Russia and Turkey give the destabilisation politics of the neocons in the Middle East and Eastern Europe a sound geopolitical slap (@russiatoday PK & discussions, worth to listen as a whole, specially the 2nd part). The engagement of Russia in Turkey and Iran is touching traditional regions of interests of the US. The Nabucco pipeline is now a questioning endeavour and Austria & EU will have to see (@Stratfor), whether the liability of partners and countries the Nabucco Pipeline is passing through may be really guaranteed. Btw. the great loser: the Ukraine, the winners: Italy and Bulgaria, and Russia & Turkey of course, and there is still another Russia Turkey project: the Samsun-Ceyhan pipeline to supply the demands of the eastern mediterranian region (by Bloomberg), plus projects on nuclear energy plants & exchange of huge amounts of agricultural products (listen Putin's explication in the press conference).

München/ Munich, 2009-08-07

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April 14 2009

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