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January 09 2014

December 02 2013

November 25 2013

A l'horizon

Ce n'est pas un pays, mais l'aiguille d'une boussole plantée sur le planisphère. Ici, l'Est et l'Ouest ont disparu. Ne restent que le Nord, le Sud et le temps. Un temps aussi épais que cette bande de terre est étroite. Visage d'une Indienne à sa fenêtre, quelque part en Terre de Feu ; chien errant (...) / Chili, Photographie - 2013/11

November 08 2013

Images propres, guerres sales

Irak, Libye, Mali : la communication des militaires en temps de guerre s'est professionnalisée. Les militaires veulent établir leurs règles du jeu. La consigne est de ne pas mentir, pour échapper aux accusations de manipulation et de désinformation. / Afghanistan, États-Unis (affaires extérieures), (...) / Afghanistan, États-Unis (affaires extérieures), France, Armée, Audiovisuel, Censure, Communication, Conflit, Défense, Désinformation, Information, Médias, Photographie, Presse, Mali, Infoguerre, Guerre d'Afghanistan 2001 - - 2013/10

November 01 2013

Petite histoire de la photographie

La photographie contemporaine d'Amérique latine a accompagné les grands événements politiques qui ont fait de ce continent non seulement une source d'inspiration pour les utopies libertaires, mais également l'incarnation d'un autoritarisme générateur d'oppression et d'inégalités sociales. Au-delà des (...) / Amérique latine, Argentine, Brésil, Chili, Colombie, Venezuela, Art, Culture, Démocratie, Mouvement de contestation, Photographie, Cuba, Socialisme, Dictature, Amérique du Sud - 2013/11

Amérique latine, un continent en images

Quelle est la nature des rapports qu'entretiennent l'art photographique et l'histoire ? C'est la réflexion à laquelle invite l'exposition « América Latina 1960-2013 », présentée par la Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, du 19 novembre 2013 au 6 avril 2014. Réalisées dans les contextes politiques (...) / Amérique latine, Art, Histoire, Photographie, Politique - 2013/11

October 31 2013

Au Paraguay, les fantômes de Stroessner

Par un coup d'Etat, en 1954, le général paraguayen Alfredo Stroessner s'empare du pouvoir. Débute alors la plus longue dictature d'Amérique latine, et l'une des plus répressives. Farouchement anticommuniste, le régime d'Asunción se targuera de figurer au nombre des alliés proches de Washington, (...) / Amérique latine, Culture, Histoire, Personnalités, Photographie, Paraguay, Dictature - 2013/11

October 18 2013

*The Historic Scale of Syria's Refugee Crisis* ❝The Syrian refugee crisis has exploded from about…

The Historic Scale of Syria’s Refugee Crisis

The Syrian refugee crisis has exploded from about 270,000 people a year ago to today’s tally of more than two million who have fled the country. The pace of the diaspora has been characterized by the United Nations as the worst since the Rwandan genocide in 1994. In addition, an estimated 4.25 million Syrians have been displaced within their country, bringing the total number forced into flight to more than six million.

#Syrie #réfugié #photo #photographie #photoreportage #asile #carte #cartographie #visualisation

October 04 2013

October 02 2013

Jours heureux sur l'île de la Désolation

Partir pour l'Antarctique et y vivre loin de toute agitation relève du voyage idéal... Pourtant, en ces lieux austères aux paysages d'une infinie beauté règnent les impératifs nombreux des autorités françaises de la métropole. / France, Sécurité, Mer, Photographie, Science, Tourisme, Matières premières, (...) / France, Sécurité, Mer, Photographie, Science, Tourisme, Matières premières, Antarctique, Environnement - 2013/03

September 25 2013

Jana Romanova photographs sleeping pregnant couples in her series, “Waiting.”

Jana Romanova photographs sleeping pregnant couples in her series, “Waiting.”

Romanova didn’t want the couples to pose, so she had to figure out ways of getting the photos while the couples were still asleep. “When it was possible I stayed with the couple at their apartment at night to make a picture at around 5-6 a.m., mostly on weekends, when people want to sleep and don’t really need to wake up for work,” Romanova said. “When it was not possible, I tried to come around 5 a.m., waited in the kitchen while they were asleep, and then took the picture.”
Eventually, Romanova wanted to expand the scope of her project, so she started looking for more subjects online. She wrote hundreds of emails to pregnant women asking if they would like to be included in the project. It took her two years to find the 40 couples for the project—one for each week of pregnancy.


September 14 2013



Mila Teshaieva was educated and worked as an economist before turning her professional pass into documentary photography. Since that time her work took her around the world, resulting in the bodies of work as: the War aftermath in Georgia, HIV/AIDS in Ukraine, Asylum seekers in Germany, and other. In her personal work Mila is focusing on the combination of fragility and a power of an individual submerged in the changing societies. She has dedicated the past years to work extensively in the ex-Soviet republics.

Mila’s work has been commisioned and published by: Die Zeit, Alternatives Internationales, Outlook Magazine China, Time LightBox, New Times, Vokrug Sveta, Neue Zurcher Zeitung, Zoi Environmental Network, Forbs Ukraine, Marie Claire Ukraine, many others.

She worked with NGOs and organizations as: Unicef, Swiss Development and Cooperation, IOM, International AIDS/HIV Alliance, SOS Children Village.

Mila is currently based in Berlin and represented by Laif Agentur, Cologne.

#caspienne #asie_centrale #photographie

Anne Bayin Photographer / Writer, Toronto, Canada

Anne Bayin Photographer / Writer, Toronto, Canada

Artist Statement

My breakthrough photograph happened in 1994 when I took a picture of my nephew, Shawn at a car wash. He was driving his father’s old Caprice and I was in the back with my Olympus point-and-shoot. I noticed three red poppies his dad had stuck to the roof and two boyish eyes looking back at me in the rear-view mirror. Something about my nephew’s youth juxtaposed with the symbolic poppies created a story that transcended the image.

The picture had color, simplicity, metaphor and visual design; elements that came to define what I look for in my work.

So my love affair with photography began.

I had always loved storytelling. In my twenties, I published poetry, made films with a Super-8 camera and interviewed eccentrics on the west coast. When I moved to Toronto I earned my living as a radio and television producer and writer, seldom taking a camera on travels because I felt it separated me from “experience.” Instead, I kept diaries. Words were my snapshots.

On a trip to Rajasthan in the mid-1980s, I met a charming driver in Jodphur who referred to me, (joking, of course) as “Lady Without a Camera.” After my conversion, I returned to India and looked up Mr.Tak, who was relieved to see me with several Nikons and a tripod.

Mine is a documentary approach. I am attracted to content, ideas and beauty. Something intrigues me- a scene, a circumstance- I record it. I seldom interfere with what is happening, but place myself in a promising location and wait for surprises. I often break rules by dividing a picture down the middle or cropping to the essence in the viewfinder: mother’s smile, baby’s ear.

I am interested in layers and hidden meanings. A photograph should make you feel something and lead to new discoveries. A window contains themes in addition to what is written on its surface; it offers one thing, reveals another. A shoe display with reflections of streetscape, passersby, the interplay of light and shadow, gains mystery and personality.

I have taken workshops with photographers such as Bruce Davidson, Freeman Patterson, who have helped me refine my vision and trust my eye.

If asked what photography means in my life, I would say it has shown me worlds I had not seen.

If asked why I chose photography as my means of expression, I would say I didn’t. Others may have said this but l like to think I said it first.

Photography chose me.

#photographie #art

September 13 2013

Photographie : le dernier Kodachrome Le dernier laboratoire au monde qui développe encore le…

Photographie : le dernier Kodachrome

Le dernier laboratoire au monde qui développe encore le Kodachrome va arrêter de traiter le film fin décembre.

Le temps presse pour les fans du Kodachrome. Après le 31 décembre il sera trop tard pour faire développer ce film couleur diapositive mythique. Un seul laboratoire au monde peut encore traiter le Kodachrome et sa chimie complexe. A Parsons une petite ville du Kansas. Le Kodachrome, la luminosité des diapositives, les couleurs éclatantes : ce film, lancé en 1935, a été le plus vendu au monde. Kodak a arreté de le produire l’année dernière. Dwayne’s photo a récupéré les dernières chimies nécéssaires pour le développer. Du coup les petites pochettes jaunes affluent du monde entier à Parsons. Jusqu’à 2000 par jour.
#photographie #histoire #diapositives

September 10 2013

La Chine dans l'objectif des Chinois

Longtemps cantonnée à magnifier le réalisme révolutionnaire, la photographie chinoise a explosé depuis le début des années 1980. Pour rendre compte du décalage entre la réalité et le discours dominant, certains artistes mettent l'accent sur ceux qui souffrent, d'autres se jouent des codes officiels, (...) / Chine, Art, Histoire, Mouvement de contestation, Photographie, Maoïsme - 2013/01

September 05 2013

September 03 2013

Un petit coup de promotion pour la boite verte qui n'en a pas besoin, mais moi j'aime beaucoup…

Un petit coup de promotion pour la boite verte qui n’en a pas besoin, mais moi j’aime beaucoup cette initiative très rafraichissante, qui mêle rêve et réalité, qui sème ce qu’il faut de confusion pour inciter notre imagination à imaginer encore plus.

A consumer sans restriction. Quelques exemples

Carte mondiale de la couleur des boites à lettres - La boite verte

Les mini-immeubles d’Evol - La boite verte

Architectures recomposés - La boite verte

Des paysages recomposés - La boite verte

En 1900, des cartes postales imaginent l’an 2000 - La boite verte

L’an 2000 imaginé en 1910 - La boite verte

Des immeubles isolés -

#photographie #cartographie #art #architecture #représentation #visualisation #imaginaire

September 02 2013

L'arme à l'œil

« Tu portes un colt 45 automatique, moi une focale de 35 millimètres ; je suis convaincu que je possède l'arme la plus puissante. » Cette réplique du photographe Gordon Parks (1912-2006) à un jeune militant des Black Panthers résume sa démarche. Pas de doute possible, l'objectif était le même : lutter (...) / États-Unis, États-Unis (affaires intérieures), Inégalités, Mouvement de contestation, Afro-Américains, Photographie, Presse, Racisme - 2013/08

Unspoken : Private Thoughts After Fukushima - By Neil Witkin

Unspoken : Private Thoughts After #Fukushima - By Neil Witkin

How dangerous is the radiation from #Fukushima for people living here in Fukuoka?

It’s slightly dangerous in the air, but the food that comes from Honshu contains radiation.

Radiation is all over Honshu, especially in the Kanto district. So I’ve been hesitant to visit Tokyo. Children and babies will be exposed to radiation.

How dangerous is the radiation for children?

I’m worrying about not only kids but their kids, as well. It will last for a long time.

Farmers and food manufacturers in Fukushima and the Tohoku region are able to sell their food and make money, but this means that food contaminated with radiation may be entering the national food supply. Is this a good system? Is it necessary?

I think they should throw their food away. But considering their economic situation or love for their hometown, it’s hard to say.

Is eating food grown in Fukushima and Tohoku a good way to help the people there?

It will help the people there, because their economy depends on the crops.

#témoignages #photographie #nucléaire via Bastamag

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