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June 28 2013

Is Arctic Permafrost the Sleeping Giant of Climate Change ? Le jour où le permafrost va dégeler...

Is Arctic Permafrost the Sleeping Giant of Climate Change?

Le jour où le permafrost va dégeler...

Flying low and slow above the pristine terrain of Alaska's North Slope research scientist Charles Miller of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory surveys the white expanse of tundra and permafrost below. On the horizon, a long, dark line appears. His plane draws nearer, and the mysterious object reveals itself to be a massive herd of migrating caribou, stretching for miles.

#climat #arctique #permafrost

January 21 2012

TERRA 620: TRUST Series #2

TRUST is a 10-part series about a perfect trifecta. The Public Trust Doctrine is a legal doctrine enshrined in the laws of every civilized government and holds governments accountable to protect the resources we share in common and depend on for our very survival. The principle of inter-generational justice is enshrined in international human rights law ? simply put, it means that the adults can't have a party on the planet and leave it a mess for the kids. Combine the Public Trust Doctrine with the principles of intergenerational justice and passionate youth, who are fighting for their future in the courts and on the streets, and we have the perfect trifecta. Why? Because youth across the country are bringing legal actions - based on trust - against the federal and state governments, so we will open our eyes and protect our atmosphere and our futures with smart strategies rooted in science. In Part 2 of the TRUST Series, meet Nelson Kanuk, a 17-year old who learned how climate change was affecting his community and felt he could best help by sharing his story. In this 8-minute film, Nelson explains that the main problem facing the northern parts of the world is that winter is coming later and later. This results in increased erosion due to permafrost melt, increased flooding due to warmer temperatures, and intensified storms because the sea ice forms later in the season and is unable to provide a natural barrier for our coastal communities. This, in turn, leads in the loss of homes, communities, cultures, and a way of life. Go to to learn more about the campaign.
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