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July 14 2013

Revealed : Fracking industry bosses at heart of coalition

Revealed: Fracking industry bosses at heart of coalition

The coalition may be promoting the controversial practice of fracking for gas because senior figures from that industry sit in the heart of Government, campaigners have warned.

The former BP boss Lord Browne, Centrica chief executive Sam Laidlaw and BG Group director Baroness Hogg have all been accused of the potential for conflicts of interest, as they hold senior advisory roles at a time when the Government is heavily promoting fracking. This involves fracturing tightly packed shale rock with a high-pressure water and chemical mixture to release oil and gas.

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February 20 2012

Alexander Alvaro (FDP): „ACTA ist nicht am Ende“

Der liberale EU-Abgeordnete Alexander Alvaro hält am Urheberschutz-Abkommen ACTA fest.


March 15 2009

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Protest meets health insurance lobby
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