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May 23 2013

Science Podcast - Paying for blood, cockroach resilience, Isle Royale, and more (24 May 2013)

Nicola Lacetera discusses incentives for meeting the globe’s demand for blood. Coby Schal investigates the adaptation behind cockroaches’ rowing resistance to bait. Christine Mlot highlights the importance of Isle Royale’s dwindling wolves.

May 29 2010

Greek architecture


I know I’ve said this a million times, but with Meis being only 2km off the coast of Turkey, it’s amazing how everything is so completely different there. Houses like these are of course very Greek, even though the hills you see in the background of the photo are on the Turkish mainland. I love it.

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March 31 2010

Vorstoß der Landesregierung: Hessen kauft griechische Insel

Das Land Hessen plant nach hr-Informationen den Kauf einer griechischen Insel. Die Landesregierung will damit das bankrotte Griechenland stützen – und den heimischen Tourismus stärken. SPD und Linke reagierten mit Kopfschütteln.
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