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April 25 2010

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Robert Delaunay painted the Eiffel Tower again and again, in all the styles he progressed through - see: 1 2 3

Delaunay: Tour Eiffel et Jardin du Champs de Mars, 1922 - oil on canvas (The Hirschhorn)

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April 19 2010

April 11 2010


April 10 2010

Straight Outta Queens


Das Blog der Malerin Janet Ternoff.    

Janet Ternoff: “7 Express NYC”, Öl auf Leinwand


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April 02 2010


March 30 2010


March 15 2010

Ungefähr Chicago

“Ether” von Ivan Villafuerte. Angenehm metropole, etwas verlorene Stimmung am Lake Shore Drive in Chicago:

Ether from Ivan Villafuerte on Vimeo.

(Gefunden bei Vimeo)

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December 18 2009

Robert Kuttner and Matt Taibbi

Robert Kuttner and Matt Taibbi

January 29 2009

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