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September 30 2013

ElBaradei warns against 'fascist' media campaign in Egypt Ahram Online, 29th of September 2013

ElBaradei warns against ’fascist’ media campaign in Egypt

Ahram Online, 29th of September 2013

Former Egyptian vice president Mohamed ElBaradei criticised on Sunday what he described as a fascist media campaign that does not uphold the value of human life.

On his official Twitter account, the former leader of the Constitution Party complained about a “systematic fascist campaign by ‘sovereign sources’ and ‘independent’ media that are against the insistence on upholding the value of human life and the inevitability of national consensus. Violence only begets violence.”

Several state-owned and independent media outlets have been critical of political figures, including ElBaradei, who opposed recent security measures against the Muslim Brotherhood.

ElBaradei resigned from his position as vice president on 14 August in objection to the violent dispersal of pro-Morsi protest camps in Cairo by security forces, which left hundreds of protesters dead, saying he was troubled by the loss of life “particularly as I believe it could have been avoided."

Following his resignation, he left the country for Europe.

The Nobel peace laureate has been subjected to a smear campaign by some journalists and politicians who charged that his resignation was “unpatriotic” and accused him of abandoning the government at a critical moment.

ElBaradei was recently accused by opponents of collaborating with the international Muslim Brotherhood organisation to sabotage the post-Morsi government.

However, no meeting between ElBaradei and members of the Muslim Brotherhood was confirmed.

August 20 2013

Le grotesque se poursuit, Egypte : El-Baradeï sera jugé devant un tribunal criminel

Le #grotesque se poursuit,

Egypte : #El-Baradeï sera jugé devant un tribunal criminelï-sera-jugé-devant-un-tribunal-criminel

Mohamad el-Baradeï, qui a démissionné de son poste de vice-Président, par intérim, sera jugé, le 19 septembre, devant un tribunal criminel, a rapporté le quotidien égyptien, « Al-Ahram ».
El-Baradeï a démissionné, suite à la répression meurtrière des Frères musulmans par l’armée. Le vice-Président égyptien démissionnaire, Mohamed El-Baradeï, est arrivé, dimanche après-midi, à l’aéroport de Vienne, en provenance du Caire. Il a quitté l’aéroport, par une sortie dérobée, évitant journalistes et photographes, et n’a, donc, fait aucune déclaration, comme lors de son départ, à l’aéroport du Caire.

Pour... « trahison de confiance »,

Egypt’s ElBaradei faces court for ’betrayal of trust’ | Reuters

Mohamed ElBaradei, Egypt’s former vice president, will be sued in court for a “betrayal of trust” over his decision to quit the army-backed government in protest at its bloody crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.

The case, brought by an Egyptian law professor, will be heard in a Cairo court on September 19, judicial sources said on Tuesday.

It points to the prospect of a new wave of politically driven lawsuits being brought to court following the downfall of President Mohamed Mursi, whose supporters brought a raft of cases against opposition figures during his year in power.

#Egypte #CSFA #dictature_militaire

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