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February 28 2011

Africa: Let's Talk About African Governments

Written by Ndesanjo Macha

lgazissax discusses African governments: “The uprisings in northern Africa and the Middle East had gotten me wondering about certain things I’d read about problems of African government in general, and I wanted to see how they played out in different countries.”

February 22 2011

Africa: Online Radio for African Poets

Written by Ndesanjo Macha

Lauri comes across Badilisha Poetry Radio, which features African poets: “I've managed to lose an hour listening to poetry by African poets both here and abroad. I got captured by Karin Schmike's poem Shamshack about the two-faced, false concern of politicians.”

February 01 2011

Botswana: How To Make Morula Jam

Written by Ndesanjo Macha

Tips on how to make morula jam (and by accident morula sweets): “I searched for a recipe for morula jam but never found one. This year I decided to try my luck and I was so pleased with the result. I thought I'd record my results here for other people.”

January 11 2011

Botswana: Best Botswana Photo of 2010 Contest

By Ndesanjo Macha

Vote in Best Botswana Photo of 2010 Contest organised by Botswana Tourism.

December 21 2010

Africa: (The Lack) of African ICT Research

By Ndesanjo Macha

The lack of African ICT research: “It’s no surprise that most of the ICT research comes from South Africa, followed by Nigeria and Botswana. But even if you added up all the research done in all of Africa, it is only 9% of the research done in Africa is done by African institutions.”

December 12 2010

Botswana: The Problem with local publishers

By Ndesanjo Macha

Lauri discusses the problem with local book publishers in Botswana: “Book publishers in Botswana work like this:
They wait for the Ministry of Education to put out a tender for the books they need. The publishers then run around trying to get writers to write those books. They submit the books to the government.”

November 17 2010

Africa: The 7th Pan-African Reading for All Conference

By Ndesanjo Macha

FIRST CALL FOR PAPERS [Deadline Dec 31, 2010] for THE 7TH PAN-AFRICAN READING FOR ALL CONFERENCE, Gaborone, Botswana 11th – 14th July 2011.

September 02 2010

Botswana: White Baboons of Botswana

By Ndesanjo Macha

A photo of white baboons of Botswana: “Where I use to work in Botswana, down south in the Tuli Block, we did some work monitoring the baboons troops that roosted in the area. One baboon was bright white, with a dark face, hands, feet and tail. We appropriately named him Snowball!”

August 13 2010

Africa: It's time for Big Brother Africa All-Stars

By Ndesanjo Macha

On July 18, 2010 Big Brother Africa, a television show produced by Endemol, entered its fifth season with Big Brother Africa All-Stars. The show, which has become the most popular TV reality show in Africa, is being taped at the Big Brother House at Sasani Studios in Johannersburg, South Africa and will run for 91 days.

Other editions were Big Brother Africa 1, Big Brother Africa 2, Big Brother Africa 3 and Big Brother Africa 4: The Revolution.

Bloggers are following the show closely; discussing and sharing information about the show with their readers.

Here are the names of participants from Nigerian blogger Oluniyi Ajao:

Big Brother All Stars will see 14 housemates from 14 African countries come together to compete 24/7 for 91 days in the search for the ultimate winner prize – USD 200 000, watched by audiences on DStv channel 198.

The Big Brother Africa 5 housemates in the order they entered:

Mwisho from Tanzania
Jennifer from Mozambique
Paloma – Zambia
Munya – Zimbabwe
Code – Malawi
Sheila from Kenya
Yacob from Ethiopia
Sammy from Ghana
Kaone from Botswana
Merly from Namibia
Uti from Nigeria
Lerato from South Africa
Hannington from Uganda
Tatiana from Angola

Bella Naija discusses the first “eviction” and housemates' revolt:

It was the first eviction show of the ‘All Star’ season of Big Brother Africa. All the housemates were up for eviction and we just knew that ‘biggie’ had something up his/her sleeve!

Before we get back to the evictions, its been an interesting week in the Big Brother Africa All Stars house all week. The housemates have spent the week getting to know each other and basically getting reacquainted with the Big Brother Africa experience. We’ve had Munya and Meryl take a steamy shower together (well not really ‘together’ but at the same time in neighbouring shower stalls), there has been some sizzle between Sheila & Hannington – she seems quite open to the idea, though she warned him that he might not be able to handle her lifestyle.

Finally, the other big news was the Housemates’ Revolt. The housemates got really rowdy on Saturday as they were protesting the lack of food in the house. When things got out of hand and guards were sent in by “Biggie” to calm the situation, the housemates took them hostage and didn’t let them leave. After discussions between the housemates, Tatiana (Head of House) and Biggie; Eventually, the guards were let go and Big Brother rewarded the housemates with an abundant supply of food.

Back to the evictions, Tatiana and Kaone were evicted because they got the lowest amount of viewer votes. However, Big Brother nullified the evictions and reinstated them into the house. That wasn’t all, they were allowed to issue two ‘daggers’ to the other housemates.

JMK of Big Brother Africa Forum describes what happened on Day 25 Diary Session:

During his Day 25 Diary Session, Hannington admitted that he will miss Max for the pranks that he has been pulling on the Barnmates. He told Big Brother that the Barnmates have decided to give him a smelly gift for his troubles.

Sammi told Big Brother it has been a busy day, preparing the outfits for the Big Brother Movie auditions. He admitted he would miss Max and all the jokes they shared. He did, however, add that they gave him a send away gift he is unlikely to find amusing.

Lerato described her costume as a corset-boobtube-cape fusion and her name is Intergalac Chic. Lerato told Big Brother she wasn't sure if Max was going to leave or become a Barnmate. She admitted that his departure saddened them.

Ameyaw Debrah also writes about housemates' Diary Session:

During his Diary Session, Munya begged his fans to vote to keep Tatiana in the house this week. He told Big Brother that he was appealing to his fans to support Tatiana because she had also done the same for him. He said that though he did not know who else was up for eviction, Tatiana had to stay – little does he know that Head of House Sheila replaced herself with him and he is going head-to-head with the Angolan to stay in the house this week!
Lerato got a surprise visitor to The Barn on Tuesday when her ex-boyfriend Maxwell (from Big Brother Africa Season 2) appeared through the doors. Lerato screamed “Oh my God!” and gave him a huge hug. “What are you doing here! Oh my freaking word,” she exclaimed, before reaching for a cigarette to calm her nerves. After the introductions, Max quickly made himself comfortable with a beer and settled into life in The Barn.
He was quickly up to no good, playing tricks on the Barnmates. First, he hid away cigarettes and drank a few beers. He then set about isolating them and talking to each Barnmate individually, telling them different theories about how the game will pan out.
First up, he told Hannington that he didn’t expect to see Lerato when he came into the Barn. He admitted he and Lerato remained friends after he got married. He also told Hannington that Sammi believes he is from Nigeria. Next, he took Sammi aside and flattered him for having a good character. They shared their experiences about Nigeria. Max even volunteered to prepare a Nigerian specialty for dinner. As soon as he was done chatting to Sammi, Max went back to talk to Hannington and told him he was a big fan.

Finally, sadness fell upon the Big Brother House on 9 August 2010:

Today [9 August 2010] in the Big Brother house, Uti, the Nigerian house mate received a call from home and got very bad news that his dad had passed.

After recieveing the message, Uti wept (Watch Clip Here) and confided in Sheila before making it known to other house mates.The barn mates however watched everything from the Barn and other house mates have advised that Uti leave the house for his fathers burial and come back afterwards?

Should Uti leave or stay and finish what he already started???What are your thoughts???

August 01 2010

Africa: 5 Things You Did Not Know About Africa

By Ndesanjo Macha

A list of 5 Things You Did Not Know About Africa by Tolu Ogunlesi: “When Western tourists talk about Africa somehow it seems to me that what they really mean is East and Southern Africa, places like Namibia and Kenya and Botswana and parts of Uganda where you will find safaris and zebras and elephants and lakes in abundance.”

July 21 2010

Botswana: Court denies Bushmen access to water

By Ndesanjo Macha

“There was outrage today as Botswana’s High Court denied the Kalahari Bushmen access to water,” Survival International reports.

December 13 2009

Botswana: Christmas party at Nata village

Photos from the annual Christmas party at Nata village in Botswana: “The festivity kicked off with an early morning breakfast. Soon after breakfast the students were treated to a game of truth or false regarding health related issues, with an answer behind every question.”

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