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April 01 2011

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"Banchetto Musicale"
de J. H. Schein (1586-1630)

"Un video del grupo musical "Flanders recorder quartet" que me encanta. Está tocada por dos flautas bajo, una grán bajo y una contrabajo."

    No. 20, Suite a 5 in E minor
  1. Padouana
  2. Gagliarda
  3. Corente
  4. Allemande (attacca) - Tripla

November 14 2010


The essay tradition blossomed in English-speaking countries only after being invented by a sixteenth-century Frenchman, Michel Eyquem de Montaigne. His contemporary, the English writer Francis Bacon, also used the title Essays, but his were well-organized intellectual inquiries. While Bacon was assembling his thoughts neatly, the self-avowedly lazy nobleman and winegrower Montaigne was letting his run riot on the other side of the Channel. In his Essais (“Attempts”), published in 1580 and later expanded into larger editions, he wrote as if he were chatting to his readers: just two friends, whiling away an afternoon in conversation.

Montaigne raised questions rather than giving answers. He wrote about whatever caught his eye: war, psychology, animals, sex, magic, diplomacy, vanity, glory, violence, hermaphroditism, self-doubt. Most of all, he wrote about himself and was amazed at the variety he found within. “I cannot keep my subject still,” he said. “It goes along befuddled and staggering, with a natural drunkenness.” His writing followed the same wayward path.

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May 24 2010

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Robert de Visee: Allemande (ms. Saizenay p. 290)
Robert de Visee: Allemande G_re_sol_majeur, ms. Saizenay, p. 290. The instrument is "Théorbe de pieces" in d (a'=392). This piece is marked "G major" in Saizenay ms. When played by my "théorbe de pieces" in d (a'=392Hz), it sounds like Bb major to ears tuned in the "modern" a'=440Hz; and it sounds in B major, if your ears happen to be in "baroque tuning" a'=415. My archlute (Stephen Barber, 1987) is stringed and tuned to a high theorbo. More French theorbo music in page Arto Wikla 24.5.2010.
From: ArtoWikla
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May 15 2010

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Marin Marais (1656-1728)
Allemande & Courante from Suite in A minor

15. Mai 2010 — Insula Magica soloists:
Ekaterina Kuzminykh - viola da gamba
Arkadi Burkhanov - theorbo
Novosibirk Philharmonic Society, 14.05.2010

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April 30 2010

Fox tossing dresden.jpg
English: Fox tossing at the Elector's Palace, Dresden, 1678. From Gabriel Tzschimmer, Die durchlauchtigste Zusammenkunfft (Nuremburg, 1680)


dt. >> 'Fuchsprellen' - Die ausführlichsten Erläuterungen zu dieser Tierquälerei bei Hofe ausgerichtet zur Erlustigung der durchlauchtigsten Herrschaften erzielt man auf - oanth

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March 31 2010

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Jan-Pieterszoon Sweelinck - Fantasia - Lute - Luth
Jan-Pieterszoon Sweelinck was a keyboard composer from the Low Countries, but a few pieces for lute came to us. This is for my friend Ernst ;-) Lute made by Stephen Murphy
From: Luthval
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March 29 2010

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Denis Gaultier: Courante "La Royale" (ms. Barbe)
This "La Royale Courante de Gautier" comes from ms. Barbe, p.7. The composer is _probably_ Denis G. The instrument is 11-course baroque lute made by Lars Jönsson in 1993. Arto Wikla 29.3.2010.
From: ArtoWikla
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March 22 2010

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Denis(?) Gaultier: Courante "Canon" (ms. Barbe)
This version of the very popular "Canon de Gautier" comes from ms. Barbe, p.1. The instrument is 11-course baroque lute made by Lars Jönsson in 1993. Arto Wikla 22.3.2010.
From: ArtoWikla
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March 18 2010

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John Dowland - La Mia Barbara (P95) - Lute - Luth
Back to the lute, with one of my favorite piece by John Dowland. It is a long, and difficult one, so my recording is not perfect, (without editing). I'll try a better take one day... I hope you will like it anyway. The piece is in the Schele lute book, f. 49 to 51. Lute made by Stephen Murphy luth - liuto
From: Luthval
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March 15 2010

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Lully/Mouton: Menuet de L'Opera de Bellerophon
"Menuet de L'Opera de Bellerophon, transposee par Mr Mouton", ms. Milleran f. 24v. The instrument is 11-course baroque lute made by Lars Jönsson in 1993. Arto Wikla 15.3.2010.
From: ArtoWikla
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March 14 2010

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Lully/Mouton: Gavotte de L'Opera de Psyche
"Gavotte de L'Opera de Psychee, transposee par Mr Mouton", ms. Milleran f. 26v. The instrument is 11-course baroque lute made by Lars Jönsson in 1993. Arto Wikla 14.3.2010.
From: ArtoWikla
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Mouton: Prelude (Milleran f.20)
This unmeasured prelude by Charles Mouton comes from ms. Milleran, f.20. Unmeasured preludes do not have barlines - as the term says. Often there are neither any note value indications. So there is lots of improvisation in this type of pieces! The instrument is 11-course baroque lute made by Lars Jönsson in 1993. Arto Wikla 14.3.2010.
From: ArtoWikla
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June 11 2009

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Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (1644-1704) EN / DE
Passacaglia in G Minor

Eduard Melkus - Violin

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April 21 2009

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claudio Monteverdi torna zefiro

"... Apparently recorded in 1937, with Hugues Cuénod and Paul Derenne, tenors, Dino Lipatti, piano, Ensemble Vocal et Instrumental Nadia Boulanger, conducted by Nadia Boulanger...." (taken from the video commentaries)

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Monteverdi: Zefiro torna e di soavi accenti - Fouchécourt, Padmore

Poet: Ottavio Rinuccini

Text & english translation via
and some informations on the music historical background.

Zefiro torna e di soavi accenti
l’aer fa grato e’il pié discioglie a l’onde
e, mormoranda tra le verdi fronde,
fa danzar al bel suon su’l prato i fiori.

Inghirlandato il crin Fillide e Clori
note temprando lor care e gioconde;
e da monti e da valli ime e profond
raddoppian l’armonia gli antri canori.
Sorge più vaga in ciel l’aurora, e’l sole,
sparge più luci d’or; più puro argento
fregia di Teti il bel ceruleo manto.

Sol io, per selve abbandonate e sole,
l’ardor di due begli occhi e’l mio tormento,
come vuol mia ventura, hor piango hor canto.


Return O Zephyr, and with gentle motion
Make pleasant the air and scatter the grasses in waves
And murmuring among the green branches
Make the flowers in the field dance to your sweet sound;
Crown with a garland the heads of Phylla and Chloris
With notes tempered by love and joy,
From mountains and valleys high and deep
And sonorous caves that echo in harmony.
The dawn rises eagerly into the heavens and the sun
Scatters rays of gold, and of the purest silver,
Like embroidery on the cerulean mantle of Thetis.
But I, in abandoned forests, am alone.
The ardour of two beautiful eyes is my torment;
As my Fate wills it, now I weep, now I sing.

April 13 2009

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