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July 17 2017

*Travail et stratégies migratoires des enfants au Vietnam* ❝Malgré les organisations…


Travail et stratégies migratoires des enfants au Vietnam

Malgré les organisations internationales et les mouvements internationaux ainsi que les efforts de nombreux gouvernements, le travail et la migration des enfants pour le travail sont toujours des questions vives dans les sociétés en développement. Le Vietnam ne fait pas exception.
#migrations #travail #enfants #Vietnam #travail_des_enfants
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Arbeitslosigkeit: Weniger Langzeitarbeitslose, aber ohne Job (http:...

Arbeitslosigkeit: Weniger Langzeitarbeitslose, aber ohne Job

Wer lange arbeitslos ist, beendet seine Erwerbslosigkeit selten mit einem Job. Die meisten fallen aus anderen Gründen aus der Statistik.

#job #wirtschaft #arbeitslosigkeit #langzeitarbeitslose #erwerbslosigkeit #gründen #statistik #news #bot #rss

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WaPo : UAE Hacked Qatar to Invent Pretense for Retaliation – Mother Jones

WaPo: UAE Hacked Qatar to Invent Pretense for Retaliation – Mother Jones

http:// kevin-drum/ 2017/ 07/ wapo-uae-hacked-qatar-to-i nvent-pretense-for-retaliation

As you know, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries have imposed a blockade on Qatar, allegedly due to concerns over Qatar’s support for various and sundry terrorist groups. The blockade began in May, after Qatar’s official news agency published incendiary remarks from Qatar’s leader, and then claimed they had been hacked:

The fake article quoted Qatar emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani as calling Iran an “Islamic power” and saying Qatar’s relations with Israel were “good” during a military ceremony.

The Qatari state television’s nightly newscast…scrolling ticker…included calling Hamas “the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people,” as well as saying Qatar had “strong relations” with Iran and the United States. “Iran represents a regional and Islamic power that cannot be ignored and it is unwise to face up against it,” the ticker read at one point. “It is a big power in the stabilization of the region.”

Hacked? Get serious. Does anyone seriously believe that—

The United Arab Emirates orchestrated the hacking of Qatari government news and social media sites in order to post incendiary false quotes attributed to Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani, in late May that sparked the ongoing upheaval between Qatar and its neighbors, according to U.S. intelligence officials.

Officials became aware last week that newly analyzed information gathered by U.S. intelligence agencies confirmed that on May 23, senior members of the UAE government discussed the plan and its implementation. The officials said it remains unclear whether the UAE carried out the hacks itself or contracted to have them done.

That’s from the Washington Post. The UAE denies everything, of course.

This is a very big deal. For starters, what are the odds that the UAE did this alone? Pretty slim, I think. Saudi Arabia was almost certainly involved too. And what does President Trump do now? He’s taken the Saudi side of this dispute, but now his own intelligence agencies are telling him that other Arab countries conducted the hack as a deliberate way of giving themselves an excuse to create the blockade. In fact, he probably learned this a week ago.

Someone in the intelligence community apparently decided that (a) Trump was never going to go public with this, and (b) it really needed to become public. But who? And why?

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Testimonies from the censored Deir Yassin massacre : 'They piled bodies and burned them' - Israel…

Testimonies from the censored Deir Yassin massacre: ’They piled bodies and burned them’ - Israel News -

A young fellow tied to a tree and set on fire. A woman and an old man shot in back. Girls lined up against a wall and shot with a submachine gun. The testimonies collected by filmmaker Neta Shoshani about the massacre in Deir Yassin are difficult to process even 70 years after the fact
By Ofer Aderet Jul 16, 2017

read more:!/image/1286396185.jpg_gen/derivatives/headline_1200x630/1286396185.jpg

For two years now a document that makes for difficult reading has been lying in the archives of the association to commemorate the heritage of Lehi – the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel pre-state underground militia. It was written by a member of the underground about 70 years ago. Reading it could reopen a bleeding wound from the days of the War of Independence that to this day stirs a great deal of emotion in Israeli society.

“Last Friday together with Etzel” – the acronym for the National Military Organization, also known as the Irgun, another pre-state underground militia, led by Menachem Begin – “our movement carried out a tremendous operation to occupy the Arab village on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv road – Deir Yassin. I participated in this operation in the most active way,” wrote Yehuda Feder, whose nom de guerre in Lehi (also known as the Stern Gang) was “Giora.”

Further along in the letter, he describes in detail his part in the massacre that took place there. “This was the first time in my life that at my hands and before my eyes Arabs fell. In the village I killed an armed Arab man and two Arab girls of 16 or 17 who were helping the Arab who was shooting. I stood them against a wall and blasted them with two rounds from the Tommy gun,” he wrote, describing how he carried out the execution of the girls with a submachine gun.

Along with that, he tells about looting in the village with his buddies after it was occupied. “We confiscated a lot of money and silver and gold jewelry fell into our hands,” he wrote. He concludes the letter with the words: “This was a really tremendous operation and it is with reason that the left is vilifying us again.”

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Usage of bread seasoning in Germany in 1930

Keep reading

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Excerpts From Trump's Conversation With Journalists on Air Force One - The New York Times

Excerpts From Trump’s Conversation With Journalists on Air Force One - The New York Times

On healthcare:
THE PRESIDENT: No, I think, first, I want to do — well, we have a few things. We have a thing called healthcare. I’m sure you haven’t been reading about it too much. It is one of the — I’d say the only thing more difficult than peace between Israel and the Palestinians is healthcare. It’s like this narrow road that about a quarter of an inch wide. You get a couple here and you say, great, and then you find out you just lost four over here. Healthcare is tough.

Si on aime le style parlé de Donald Trump, un large assortiment de pensées sur divers sujets : sa visite en France (c’est dans l’avion qui l’y emmène), les Corées, etc. Là je cite juste pour la comparaison loufoque…

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*L'Orient des cartographes* ❝Bien avant Marco Polo, dès le 1er siècle avant J.-C., la Chine avait…


L’#Orient des cartographes

Bien avant Marco Polo, dès le 1er siècle avant J.-C., la Chine avait établi des relations commerciales avec l’Occident, pour fournir Rome en soie, jade, épices, entre autres matières précieuses. L’Occident se forgeait alors, pour longtemps, le mythe d’un Orient tout d’opulence et de raffinement, pour nourrir ses rêves de richesses et de luxe. Le voyage de Marco Polo en Chine, de 1271 à 1295, conditionna durablement la vision de l’Orient par les Occidentaux. Bien que des omissions dans son témoignage aient pu faire douter de la véracité de ce dernier, son récit Le devisement du monde, pourtant dépourvu de cartes, établit la géographie de la Chine comme l’entendirent les Européens pour les trois siècles suivants. Au 15e siècle, les expéditions vers l’Orient durent explorer de nouvelles voies. Il fallait contourner l’empire ottoman, qui faisait obstacle à toute expédition continentale. Le passage par les terres désormais condamné, ne pouvait-on pas atteindre les Indes en longeant l’Afrique ? Les navigateurs portugais parvinrent enfin à destination après des décennies. Entre-temps furent améliorées la connaissance et la cartographie des côtes africaines, alors imparfaitement connues. Christophe Colomb voulut suivre une autre voie : on en sait les suites. Les Européens ne cherchaient pas alors à découvrir des territoires, mais de possibles routes maritimes. Partir à la rencontre de l’Orient bouleversa la face du monde. Avec cette sélection de cartes anciennes, extraites des riches collections de la BNU, nous suivons un hypothétique voyageur dans son périple vers l’Est, depuis le Proche-Orient jusqu’à la mer du Japon. Sans respect pour la chronologie, se côtoient des cartes d’époques différentes. Reflets d’états de la connaissance divergents, des points de vue se confrontent, avec leurs doutes, leurs erreurs dans le dessin de régions inconnues, l’imagination pouvant venir au secours d’une science lacunaire. Ce voyage mené dans l’espace et le temps, cette brève histoire des échanges avec l’Autre, nous racontent aussi le monde contemporain.

#livre #cartographie #histoire
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*Infographie : tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur les migrants intra-africains* ❝Alors que l'Europe…


#Infographie : tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur les migrants intra-africains

Alors que l’Europe s’alarme face à l’afflux de migrants – 2017 pourrait être l’une des années les plus meurtrières en Méditerranée pour les candidats à l’exil –, le phénomène touche aussi l’Afrique, où le nombre de personnes vivant hors de leur pays, qu’elles soient expatriées ou réfugiées, est l’un des plus importants au monde.

–-> j’espère que les données sont un peu plus fiables que l’intro qui mélange « afflux » de migrants (arrgghh !) en Europe et taux de mortalité en Méditerranée...
#visualisation #migrations #Afrique #migrations_intra-africaines
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*Mégapoles asiatiques, le cauchemar urbain en BD* ❝Deux albums témoignent de la vie ordinaire à…


#Mégapoles asiatiques, le cauchemar urbain en BD

Deux albums témoignent de la vie ordinaire à #Bangalore en #Inde et à #Chengdu en #Chine. Des visions sans concession de cette prolifération urbaine incontrôlée qui constitue un des problèmes cruciaux des deux géants asiatiques.
https:// fr/ 2017/ 07/ 12/ megapoles-asiatiques-cauchema r-urbain-en-bd

#urban_matter #BD #bande_dessinée #villes #livre
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Les enracinés du Palais Bourbon

Les enracinés du Palais Bourbon

Les professionnels de la politique ont mauvaise presse. Trois sociologues ont enquêté sur l’évolution du profil de nos députés, et leurs conclusions invitent à s’interroger : les résultats des élections de juin 2017 marquent-ils vraiment une ouverture du monde politique ?

Livres & études

/ #représentation_politique, #profession


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Egypt Battle over the Nile | MadaMasr

Egypt Battle over the Nile | MadaMasr

A short ferryboat ride from the area of Warraq takes you to the southern end of the island, which consists of batches of agricultural land and scattered houses, which bear a striking resemblance to a village in the Nile Delta or Egypt’s south. Deeper in, the island turns into a typical Cairo informal neighborhood with tightly stacked buildings and narrow streets that are maneuvered by motorcycles and tuktuks.

Much like Cairo’s informal areas, Warraq island and other Nile islands were first populated by migrants from other governorates who settled there and started to manage services on their own, until the state acknowledged them and started introducing official services.

But the lives of residents of Warraq island, one of dozens of inhabited islands that dot the Nile’s span across Egypt, were disturbed earlier in June, when President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi identified their imperfect haven as his next target in the ongoing large-scale national campaign to retrieve illegally occupied state land.

On Sunday, the state attempted to hit its target. Clashes erupted between police and residents of Warraq island on Sunday, as the state attempted to demolish buildings on the island. Police forces fired tear gas to disperse a crowd that had gathered to contest the demolition, and, in the ensuing melee, one resident was killed and 19 injured, according to the Health Ministry, while the Ministry of Interior says that 31 of its officers were wounded.

The clashes have temporarily stayed the demolition attempts.

In the conference on land reclamation held in June that first presaged a change for Warraq, the government announced that it had retrieved 118 million square meters of state land in a few weeks, an area constituting 69 percent of total land seized. Amid the announcement of success, Sisi signaled that the state would turn its attention to Nile islands, alluding to Warraq island specifically.

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WLAN im ICE: Der Patch der Deutschen Bahn, der keiner war

Eine konzeptuelle Sicherheitslücke erlaubt es Angreifern, hinterrücks Informationen wie den Standort, die MAC-Adresse von Endgeräten oder das genutzte Datenvolumen der Benutzer des WLANs im ICE zu sammeln. [0] Die Deutsche Bahn versprach im letzten Jahr dafür schnelle Abhilfe. Eine minimale Änderung, die vom Konzern als Behebung des Problems beim „WIFIonICE“ verkauft wurde, erweist sich jedoch als untauglich. Der von ihr beauftragte Dienstleister zeigte sich auch nach Monaten außer Stande, das Problem zu beheben. Wer sich für die technischen Hintergründe interessiert und wissen will, wie genau die Bahn versucht hat, sich des Problems anzunehmen, und warum sie gescheitert ist, findet die Informationen beim CCC Hannover. [1] Falk Garbsch, Sprecher des Chaos Computer Clubs, kommentiert: „Dass diese Sicherheitslücke bis heute noch besteht, ist ein peinliches Armutszeugnis. Die Bahn ist offensichtlich mit ihren eigenen Digitalisierungsstrategien vollends überfordert.“ Es bleibt wohl nur zu hoffen, dass die Bahn die Sicherheit bei ihren Zügen, Signalen und bei elektronischen Tickets besser im Griff hat. Links: [0] Ursprüngliche Sicherheitsanalyse: Was das neue Bahn-Wifi über seine Nutzer ausplaudert [1] Neuer Proof of Concept: Die Bahn, ihr Wifi und die Amateure
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