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December 23 2015

ArhDaily CNN Documentary

September 14 2015

Wood Wool Award 2015

August 26 2015

Zaha Hadid Architects Release Video Presentation and Report on New National Stadium in Tokyo

August 14 2015

Danjiang Bridge / Zaha Hadid Architects

August 11 2015


August 05 2015


July 27 2015

The Wings / Daniel Libeskind at Milan EXPO 2015

July 10 2015

// mit bester Empfehlung - oAnth

Vortrag "Die Eurokrise - Warum versagt die Wissenschaft?" von Prof Heiner Flassbeck am 01.07.2015 an der FU Berlin im Rahmen des Kurses "Finanzkrisen und Geldsystem".
Im Vortrag wird insbesondere auf die Währungsunion, Handelsungleichgewichte und Lohnstückkosten eingegangen.
Der Kurs wird mitorganisiert von den Kritischen Wirtschaftswissenschaftlern Berlin unter Kursleitung von Prof. Klaus Peter Kisker. Weitere Infos zum Kurs hier:

June 23 2015

ArchDaily Interviews: Andrés Jaque / Cosmo / MoMA PS1 2015
ArchDaily Entrevistas: Andrés Jaque // Cosmo: MoMA PS1
ArchDaily Entrevistas: Giovanna Carnevali (SPA)

June 18 2015

ArchDaily Brasil: Entrevistas SuperLimão

June 11 2015


Instead of investing in dirty fuels, let’s start charging polluters for poisoning our skies – and then invest the revenue so that it benefits everyone.

Each ton of carbon that’s released into the atmosphere costs our nation between $40 and $100, and we release millions tons of it every year. 

Businesses don’t pay that cost. They pass it along to the rest of us—in the form of more extreme weather and all the costs to our economy and health resulting from it. 

We’ve actually invested more than $6 trillion in fossil fuels since 2007. The money has been laundered through our savings and tax dollars.

This has got to be reversed.

We can clean our environment and strengthen the economy if we (1) divest from carbon polluters, (2) make the polluters pay a price to pollute, and (3) then collect the money. 

Please see the accompanying video, and share. 

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June 09 2015

ArchDaily Materials: Colombia

June 08 2015

AD Entrevistas: Rafael Moneo
AD Interviews: Giovanna Carnevali / Fundació Mies Van Der Rohe

June 04 2015

Kone Presentación

June 03 2015

ADBR Entrevista: Nitsche Arquitetos
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