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Bye, bye Adobe. — The Future of Web Design — Medium

Bye, bye Adobe. — The Future of Web Design — Medium*iytVfkUiqL0rJUffgm4Xew.png

A year ago, I decided that it was worth giving Adobe the benefit of the doubt and signing up for a Creative Cloud membership. I had my doubts then about SaaS and relying on it, but I thought it was worth a shot.

Since then each new version (CC, CC2014, CC2015) of the programs that I use daily has become slower and clunkier. In particular Illustrator CC2015 compared to CS6, is just a dog.

As for my core workhorse, Photoshop, Adobe has been “listening” to what it’s users wants and is producing hacked on additions instead of fixing the core experience (or producing a separate UI-centric application). In the cases where they produce a feature which I’d like to use, like Artboards, it is implemented so poorly and is so slow that it is barely usable on my 2013 Macbook Pro Retina with 8GB of RAM.

Adobe, this is not ok.

I’m tired of paying $500+ a year for applications which don’t fit my needs and are progressively worse with each iteration. I feel like I’m being pumped for cash and have no recourse.

Every other software service which I use online (Harvest, DigitalOcean, Asana, Github, etc.) allows me to simply pay monthly and then cancel when I’m done. No fuss, no mess.

But not Adobe. Oh no.

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