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Four short links: 27 May 2010

  1. Socorro: Mozilla's Crash Reporting System (Laura Thomson) -- We receive on our peak day each week 2.5 million crash reports, and process 15% of those, for a total of 50 GB. In total, we receive around 320Gb each day. Moving to a Hadoop-based system in the future, as they're limited by database and filesystem storage.
  2. DIY Atomic Force Microscopy -- use a 3D printer to make the parts so you can build a cheap and simple AFM head suitable for single molecule force spectroscopy. (via Vik Olliver)
  3. Elastic Lists -- open-sourced ActionScript for a clever faceted browsing system. (via Flowing Data)
  4. The Most IMPORTANT Video You'll Ever See (YouTube) -- a math lesson everyone should have. (via Hacker News)

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