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Four short links: 10 May 2010

  1. zxing -- barcode library for iPhone, Android, Java, and more.
  2. Guido's Python -- how the compiler and interpreter see your Python programs. It wasn't until I had this level of knowledge of Perl that I really know what the hell I was doing. (via Hacker News)
  3. UK Election Data -- this was posted on the eve of the UK election and talks about the new data they had this election. There's been a lot of talk about Internet use by candidates to whip up votes, and by government to boost citizens, but this is data that helps citizens decide who to vote for. Very cool.
  4. Why We Should Learn the Language of Data (Wired) -- We often say, rightly, that literacy is crucial to public life: If you can’t write, you can’t think. The same is now true in math. Statistics is the new grammar. (via imran on Twitter)

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