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Chronus says:
"NBC News Reports: Malaysia’s prime minister says the missing plane was airborne for seven hours and only could have been taken down with someone at the controls.

We all know this has become a criminal investigation, where the passangers are no longer under investigation, but the crew are.

Given the two media announcements above one would be led to conclude that the prime suspects are the crew.

So it seems pointless at this juncture to hypothesise on fire and technical mulfunction.

The question must be, on what basis of factual or circumstantial evidence or a combination of both, did the Malaysian authorities decide to pursue this as a criminal investigation."


Who knows - maybe they feel the need to be seen to be doing something? Though fair enough to investigate what you can from what little you have when there is precious little else available to you. The term criminal investigation probably means no more that that side of it is a police one and their motives to be seen to "solve" this could be questioned by some.

Not only is it pointless to hypothesise on fire and technical malfunction, it is pointless to hypothesise on anything. We, the public, are unaware of what is known, press/media reports are high on drama but short on concrete facts. This is a very unprecedented event and until the investigators have some data no-one can know what set of unusual circumstances prevailed on that flight. Why the need of some to put labels on at this stage? To be able to say "I knew all along"?

I am most uncomfortable with what, to me at least, appears to be a suggestion before any real evidence is available that the crew are under criminal investigation. At this stage surely ALL investigation is routine and fact finding.
Malaysian Airlines MH370 contact lost - Page 473 - PPRuNe Forums

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