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Bangla Blogging Community Gears Up For The Fifth Bangla Blog Day

Poster For the Fifth Bangla Blog Day 2013

Poster For the Fifth Bangla Blog Day 2013

On December 19, 2005, Bangla Blogging started its journey through the largest Bangla Blogging platform [bn] and the community grew larger every year. A section of the Bangla bloggers’ community started to observe December 19 as Bangla Blog Day since 2009 to mark the inception.

The fifth Bangla Blog day will be celebrated [bn] on 19th of December, 2013. Unlike the previous years, instead of a main program in the capital, there will be decentralized local community based programs in different parts [bn] of the capital Dhaka and in different [bn] cities across the country. The theme of this years events is “From social welfare to national interest, Bangla blog is for the right for freedom of speech”.

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