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Iranian Mountain Climbers Missing in Pakistan

The three Iranian climbers missing in Pakistan. Image from Iran's Professional Sports Team Facebook page via @ANPour

The three missing climbers. Image from Iran's Professional Sports Team Facebook page via @ANPour

According to the head of a Pakistani mountaineering club, the search for three missing Iranian climbers has been called off, as of Sunday July 21, 2013.

The mountain climbers sent a call for help on Thursday July 18, on their way down from Broad Peak after successfully reaching the 8,051-meter (26,414-foot) summit.

Their distress call said they were exhausted and had run out of food. The three men were last in touch with Iran through a satellite phone on Saturday, July 20. Pakistani rescue teams were dispatched to find them, but failed.

The blog Altitude Pakistan has details about the Iranian Broad Peak expedition and updates on the communication from the climbers as they ran into trouble during their descent.



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