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Lotte Reiniger (EN /DE) - Papageno - 1935 | ~10min

Silhouette animation film | Scherenschnitt-Animationsfilm

Youtube - permalink
yt account: killingtime001
Lotte Reiniger on Youtube

from Wikipedia:

With the rise of the Nazi Party, Reiniger and Koch decided to emigrate (both were involved in left-wing politics)[2], but found that no other country would give them permanent visas. As a result, the couple spent the years 1933–1939 moving from country to country, staying as long as travel visas would allow. When they couldn't get a travel visa, they were forced to stay in Germany. Somehow, they still managed to make 12 films during this period, the best-known being Carmen (1933) and Papageno (1935), both based on popular operas (Bizet's Carmen and Mozart's Die Zauberflöte). When World War II commenced, they were forced to stay in Berlin. ..." (WP)
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