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Accessibility and HTML5 highlight TOC day 1

Monday's TOC 2011 lineup focused on workshops, including designing iPad apps, the changing landscape of publishing standards, HTML5, metadata, rights, and partnering with offshore vendors. It was hard to choose just a couple highlights from the day.

Meghan MacDonald, project coordinator at BookNet Canada, thought the publishing standards session was particularly interesting:

I loved that we focused on accessibility. That's a point publishers often overlook. There's a huge part of the market that has accessibility issues, whether it's readers who are blind or have hearing impairments, or even readers who are learning English and want translations for titles. You can actually make all your titles accessible to them with proper tagging of the text of your books.

Afternoon buzz about the HTML5 session, hosted by Marcin Wichary, a senior user experience designer at Google, also was good — one attendee was overheard saying that the session was worth the trip from the UK. I had an opportunity to sit down for a few moments with Wichary in this video interview:

Additional TOC coverage is available through O'Reilly's YouTube channel and the free keynote livestream.


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