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April 24 2014

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Affirmative Action Ruling Will Further Racial Inequality
Bruce Dixon: The Supreme Court decision furthers institutional advantages of whites under the guise of colorblindness.
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Thelonious alone in San Francisco - FULL ALBUM (1959)
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April 23 2014

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UAW Case Shows Weakness of Labor Law
Frank Hammer discusses the labor conditions at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee that moved workers to attempt unionization, and the political interference by state officials in...
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Obama's Wrong Headed Approach To China
Larry Wilkerson: President Obama's trip to East Asia exemplifies the need for the U.S. to control China's influence instead of looking for ways to collaborate.
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The Modern History of Venezuela and Popular Democracy - Edgardo Lander on RAI (9/9)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Lander assesses Chavez's attempt to establish a participatory democracy that changed the structure of power and decision making.
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April 22 2014

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Assessing The Enviornmental Movement on Earth Day 2014
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CBO Report Confirms U.S. Deficit Back to Normal Level
Robert Pollin: Deficit hawks were wrong about America's normal level, Congress should pass a financial transaction tax and not more cuts to social spending.
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Greek Politics 4 Years After The Financial Crisis
Leo Panitch on the left Coalition: SYRIZA and the struggle against austerity.
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Exclusive Investigation Uncovers How BP Uses Bribes To Do Business
Four years after 200-million gallon BP oil spill, TRNN speaks with investigative journalist Greg Palast about BP's collusion with government officials to get dodge safety regulations.
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The Modern History of Venezuela, The Protests and Democracy - Edgardo Lander on RAI (8/9)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Lander says while there are problems with the democratic process in Venezuela, the current protests are anti-democratic attempts to bring down an elected government...
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April 21 2014

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Canada Shifts to Right Under Harper, Mimicking the United States
Canada Panel with Leo Panitch and Yves Engler.
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The Savings and Loan Crisis Demonstrates the Importance of Glass--Steagall
Bill Black: When remembering recently passed away Charles Keating,a key architecht of the S&L Crisis, we are reminded of the importance of the Glass Steagall Act of 1993.
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Who Will Pay for Climate Change Disaster?
A discussion with Patrick Bond on the lack of political will to deal with climate change and the forces mobilizing for action.
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Israel Uses Refugees as "Currency" in Arms Trade with Africa
Rwanda and Uganda agree to take African refugees as part of arms deal after Israel denied their asylum claims and imprisoned them.
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April 20 2014

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Important Revelations From New Leaks on CIA Torture Report
Michael Ratner says that leaked portions of Senate Select Committee Report obtained by Al Jazeera and McClatchy show clear evidence of torture by the CIA and other US officials authorizing...
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Hundredth Anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre
Historian Jonathan Rees and author Jeff Biggers discuss the significance of the deadliest incident in U.S. labor history, and the struggles faced by coal miners today.
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S.A. Platinum Miner's Struggle Challenges ANC Leadership
Patrick Bond: 2012 Marikana massacre and the militancy of the miners is changing the face of a South African politics.
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Manning Determined to Fight Back After Army Upholds 35-Year Sentence
Attorneys for Wikileaks source Chelsea Manning begin working on the appeals process after the military finds her guilty under the Espionage Act, a statute the Obama administration has invoked...
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April 19 2014

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