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June 10 2018

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June 07 2018


June 06 2018


February 11 2018


February 09 2018


23c3: John Perry Barlow on Civil Disobedience

CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 by NetzpolitikTV

Rest in Peace John Perry Barlow

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August 30 2017


August 29 2017

This animation of temperature changes between 1900 - 2016, arranged by country, is jaw dropping.
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July 09 2017


June 09 2017

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Kurz erklärt Wie der Cum Ex Steuerskandal abgelaufen ist 
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June 02 2017

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How Not to Make the Budget Balance on the Backs of the Poor

Donald Trump wants to slash Medicaid, Social Security disability, and food stamps in order to expand the military and give the rich and corporations big tax cuts.

There’s a far better way to help balance the federal budget – cap tax expenditures.

The federal government is diverting hundreds of billions of tax dollars every year to help the wealthiest Americans become even wealthier through tax expenditures that are the equivalent of government handouts – allowing the wealthy to deduct or exclude from their taxable incomes large amounts of employer-provided health care, retirement savings, and mortgage interest.

These tax expenditures demand reform for three big reasons:

1. First, they are unfair. Middle and low-income workers don’t get from their employers nearly as much health insurance and retirement income as do corporate executives. Many get none at all. And their mortgages– if they have any– are usually much smaller, because they live in homes that don’t cost as much.

2. Second. these deductions and exclusions are nonsensical. Originally, they were put into the tax code to give people financial incentives to get health insurance, to save for retirement, and to buy a home. But the rich don’t need financial incentives to do these things because they’re … rich.

3. Finally these deductions and exclusions are hugely expensive. They cost hundreds of billions of dollars a year– $348 Billion in 2015 alone– the lion’s share going to high income families.

Instead of wasting these billions on making the wealthy even wealthier, we should be using these resources to provide better healthcare, retirement security and affordable housing to low and middle-income households, including households of color, who are currently losing out.

There’s no reason why America’s wealthy should be able to deduct or exclude from their taxable incomes more than, say, $25,000 a year for employer-provided health care, retirement, and mortgage interest.

Limiting those deductions and exclusions would be rational, fiscally responsible, and fair. Unlike Trump and Republican budgets that want to slash Medicaid, Social Security disability, and food stamps.

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June 01 2017

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UN Chief António Guterres Calls for Climate Action

Highlighting the seriousness of the impact of climate change on the planet and its inhabitants, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has called for sustained action to meet the global challenge and to ensure a peaceful and sustainable future for all. Speaking to a gathering of students, business leaders and academics at the New York University Stern School of Business, Secretary-General Guterres urged the world to rally behind the Paris Agreement.

The message is simple:
The sustainability train has left the station.
Get on board or get left behind.
Those who fail to bet on the green economy will be living in a grey future.

Full Presentation:
António Guterres (UN Secretary-General) on "Climate Change: Mobilizing the World" at NYU Stern
Transcript:Secretary-General on Climate Action [as delivered]
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August 29 2016

Al arquitecto, viajero en espiral que imagina el universo.

June 24 2016

Nordic Countries pavilion Biennale architecture 2016

June 19 2016

Russian pavilion | Interview with Sergey Kuznetsov

June 13 2016


June 05 2016

Australia 'The pool' - Venice Biennale 2016

June 02 2016

'Vara' por Pezo von Ellrichshausen

June 01 2016

Venice Biennale Architecture - Spanish Pavillion 'Unfinished'

February 08 2016

Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai to Design MPavilion 2016
The Spiral / BIG
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