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April 16 2016

TERRA 1108: "Acid in the Gulf of Maine", "The Lobster Pot Heats Up", and "Attack of the Green Crab"

"Acid in the Gulf of Maine"
A short animation about the potential impact of ocean acidification on sea life in the Gulf of Maine. Produced with support from Maine Sea Grant, Dalhousie University, MEOPAR (Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network), NERACOOS (The Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems) and NECAN (Northeast Coastal Acidification Network).

"The Lobster Pot Heats Up"
A short animation about the impact of global climate change on lobsters in the Gulf of Maine. Produced with the support of the Maine Sea Grant Program at the University of Maine.

"Attack of the Green Crabs"
An animated short about the devastating effects green crabs are having on clam populations on the coast of Maine.

Produced by Andy O'Brien and Hanji Chang

Cast: Life On TERRA

Tags: climate change, maine, crabs, lobsters, acidification, ecology, clams, conservation, wildlife, MEOPAR, NERACOOS, NECAN and gulf of maine

April 14 2016

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Yanis Varoufakis on Jan Böhmermann - full statement - YouTube
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April 09 2016

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CRS-8 | First Stage Landing on Droneship
4k footage from the chase plane
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April 01 2016

TERRA 1107: The Rainmakers of Nganyi

Researchers at Kenyan universities were faced with a problem: the weather forecasts that they were providing weren’t being taken seriously. Faced with climate change and climatic extremes, farmers were losing crops and finding it increasingly difficult to predict the weather.

The researchers hoped their forecasts would help people adapt to climate extremes, but the people did not trust the scientific forecasts and listened only to traditional rainmakers.

So they began to use rainmakers in the village of Nganyi, Western Kenya, as communication agents in an attempt to convince people to listen to their forecasts. But then they started to notice striking similarities between their predictions and those of the rainmakers. Were they really forecasters? Were they really meteorologists? And can they make it rain?

This is the story of how new research is bringing ancient and modern ways of knowing together to build climate resilience in Africa.

** ‘The Rainmakers of Nganyi' is part of a series of short films that profiles innovative approaches to research and the co-creation of knowledge as a key to the transformation of the African food system.

Produced by: Steve McDonald

Cast: Life On TERRA

Tags: Meteorology, traditional, rain, weather, Kenya, science, ecology and observational

March 18 2016

TERRA 1106: Stewardship with Vision - EP03 Betty Shahan

Stewardship with Vision is a series of short films profiling conservation-minded landowners in the American West. The third episode of the series is focused on Colorado cattle rancher Betty Shahan, and how her conservation work has had positive effects in the San Juan-Chama Watershed of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico.
Produced by: Brett Kuxhausen

Cast: Life On TERRA

Tags: ranching, new mexico, colorado, watershed, conservation and western landowners alliance

March 04 2016

TERRA 1105: In Pursuit of Plastics

In Pursuit of Plastics follows the transatlantic expedition of The Ocean Cleanup as they sail through the North Atlantic Gyre aboard the S/V Sea Dragon to collect data on vertical plastics distribution. The Ocean Cleanup (based out of the Netherlands) is initiating the largest cleanup in history by using the data collected from trawl deployments and visual surveys to develop technologies that will extract, prevent, and intercept plastic pollution.
Produced by: Katie Jewett

Cast: Life On TERRA

Tags: ocean, transatlantic, conservation, research, trash and plastics

February 19 2016

TERRA 1104: Testimony: Remembering Glen Canyon

More than fifty years after the construction of the Glen Canyon dam, the dam's existence remains a sensitive subject especially to those fortunate enough to have seen the canyon before it was inundated. Today, pressures on the dwindling water supply in the Colorado River are encouraging renewed discussions about how water is being allocated, and whether storing it in Lake Powell still makes sense.
Produced by: Kent Wagner

Cast: Life On TERRA

Tags: glen canyon dam, conservation, colorado river, water, historical, glen canyon, archival and rivers

February 08 2016

Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai to Design MPavilion 2016
The Spiral / BIG

February 05 2016

TERRA 1103: Transistors: Teeny Tech that Changed the World

TRANSISTORS is a short animated film about the history and science of the tiny devices that brought about the Information Age. You interact with billions of transistors in your phones and computers every day, so why not learn more about them?
Produced by: Abigail Kent

Cast: Life On TERRA

Tags: transistors, tech, computers and invention

January 23 2016

TERRA1102_The Marvelous Musical Report of the Marine National Monuments

A man with a mustached (Robert Sams) mysteriously emerges from the ocean with a briefcase on his way to deliver a report about the four Marine National Monuments of the Pacific Ocean. But his report is anything but ordinary. In fact, it is a hilarious musical tribute (with a backup band) that showcases incredible footage form these remote, wild areas. You'll see giant clams, sharks, baby frigate birds, red footed boobies, sea turtles, Hawaiian monk seals, albatross, fairy terns, deep volcanic trenches, hydrothermal vents, shrimp that survive without sunlight and coconut crabs that climb up trees! The video shows footage of all four monuments: The Northwest Hawaiian Islands, the Marianas Trench, The Rose Atoll and The Pacific Remote Islands.
Produced by: Laura and Robert Sams as well as Stephani Gordon

Cast: Life On TERRA

January 08 2016

TERRA1101_Owls of Montana Ep 2

This second episode of a 2-part series on Montana's owls gets up close and personal! Distill Productions follows along with the team at the Owl Research Institute as they trap and tag Boreal, Northern Sah-wet, and Short-eared owls.
Produced by Henry Harrison

Cast: Life On TERRA

December 25 2015

TERRA 1035_Sleds of Yellowstone

After over 15 years of wrangling over the use of snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park, all parties have finally come to an agreement! This short film reveals the magnificence of Yellowstone in the winter - only accessible by snowmobile and snow coach - and the controversy that wracked local communities as the industry grew and the park started to feel the pressure. But through extensive negotiation, business owners and the National Park Service have worked together to find a solution.
Produced by: Jason Roehrig

Cast: Life On TERRA

December 23 2015

ArhDaily CNN Documentary

December 10 2015

TERRA 1034_Hunting the Horned Horse

Cast: Life On TERRA

November 30 2015

InSex Episode 1: Luminescent Lovers

Join host Kevin Collins for a raunchy look into the sex lives of fireflies.

Cast: Life On TERRA

Tags: student, presenter, science, sex, fireflies and film

November 13 2015

TERRA1032: Bridger Mule Deer

Biologists Julie Cunningham and Dave Pac discuss the long-term research on mule deer in the Bridger Mountain Range of Southwest Montana, showing that ecological processes are often more complex than many people think.

Produced by Marcus Hockett

Cast: Life On TERRA

Tags: mule deer, deer, conservation, bridge mountain range, research, public awareness, population control and bridgers

October 30 2015

TERRA 1031: Liminal

Liminal not only explores seal folklore, it provides background information on the common and grey seal, and how folklore is a global subject that can reconnect people back to landscape.
Liminal is a 10 – 15 minute documentary on how folklore can influence people’s interactions with the landscape. In particular, the film looks at folklores revolving around seals and seal conservation.
In Ireland, there are two types of seals: the common (or harbor) seal and the grey seal. While neither species of seal are currently threatened, it does not take much to tip the balance. Seals share the same environment that is under threat from over-fishing, climate change, and pollution from humans such as plastics.
Produced by: Liz Wilk

Cast: Life On TERRA

Tags: liminal, grey seal, ireland, folklore, pinniped, ancient stories, conservation and history

October 16 2015

TERRA 1030: Extreme Oasis

"Extreme Oasis" will introduce you to two alien worlds where organisms called "extremophiles" survive in some of the least hospitable conditions on the planet! Dr. Anna-Louise Reysenbach of Portland State University, will guide you first to the deep ocean floor, where super-heated water spews out of hydrothermal vent openings that are unbelievably surrounded by life. She will then show you Yellowstone National Park and its rainbow of microbial life that give the hot springs their beautiful rainbows of colors. Many of the microbes that grow at these extreme temperatures and pressures have had a tremendous impact in the fields of medicine, industry, and science.

Produced by: Tara Smithee

Cast: Life On TERRA

Tags: extremophiles, deep sea, science and yellowstone

October 03 2015

TERRA 1029: Forest in Flux

A young boy goes on a hike in forest near his home. He sees changes happening in the forest and follows the clues to discover what is killing the trees.
Produced by Travis Kidd

Cast: Life On TERRA

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